You can install RISE in development mode in this way:

First, you’ll need to install npm (and node, conda install nodejs is a good idea).

  1. Install the JS dependencies:

    npm install
  2. Copy reveal into the static folder and avoid reveal.js RESET styling:

    npm run build-reveal
    npm run reset-reveal

To remove reveal.js from the static folder you can use npm run clean-reveal.

  1. Build the CSS assets:

    npm run build-css

To have per-save automatic building of CSS, you can use:

npm run watch-less

Second, let’s install RISE in a editable form:

git clone
pip install -e .
jupyter-nbextension install rise --py --sys-prefix --symlink
jupyter-nbextension enable rise --py --sys-prefix

Note for developers: the --symlink argument allow you to modify the JavaScript code in-place. This feature is probably not available in Win. So you will need to “re-install” the nbextension to actually see any changes you made.