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OK... two years since my last post... exactly. Time goes fast, really fast! And a lot of things happened in the last two years.

I am planning to write about those past things... about the experience I acquired during this time. But I am also interested into discuss new and exciting things, not only in the technical side, but also in other aspects of my interests and feelings.

I am hoping to write at least one post per week. Time constraints are really against this frequency but I will try it!

Let's do a quick update:

  • My son, Facundo, is 3 years old now... and he's my Sun.
  • I live at Cordoba now... with my fiance, and my Moon, Daniela.
  • I have a lovely kitty called Bituinas (between us ;-)
  • I still do Software Development (for a living and for free) and I enjoy it a lot.
  • I am still involved with the Jupyter project. I am a Jupyter core developer and a Jupyter Steering Council member. RISE, the live Jupyter slideshow machinery, is widely used but I need to give it more love (and time).
  • Now, I am a gluten-free guy and because of that, I have lost weight and improved my arterial tension measurements ;-)
  • Recently, I restarted to practice Aikido.

And a lot of other things I should mention but I don't want to make this too long.

So... welcome back... again!

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