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After some weeks of silence, he he... I come back with a short post about live trading in the forex market. As you probably know [if not, you are knowing it right now ;-)], one of my interests is the analysis, modeling and forecasting of financial time series. To make it short, I have developed some statistical models to forecast the dynamic of selected portfolios. Currently, I am trading equities and other more complex financial derivatives. But my models are also suitable to apply to other markets, ie. the foreign exchange market (yes... forex). So, I made a quick research on some interesting forex pairs and then I started a little account to perform some live trades accordingly to these models. And now, I pretend to log the trades from this little account in a subset of post on my blog, a sort of public live trading logbook.

OK, we can start the logging right now! I opened two short positions some days ago:

Ticket Date Transaction Currency Pair Price
1350434307 2013-11-05 22:08:02 Sell Market GBP/AUD 1.68983
1350434298 2013-11-05 22:07:59 Sell Market AUD/USD 0.94939

And is time to close them... so closing them whereas I am writing this post (just wait me a minute, I will be back!).

OK, I closed both positions:

Ticket Date Transaction Currency Pair Price
1355893384 2013-11-13 01:25:10 Close Trade GBP/AUD 1.70790
1355893378 2013-11-13 01:25:09 Close Trade AUD/USD 0.93063

And I added some pics to illustrate these trades:

With these trades, we had a net increment of 4.5% in the balance!

Nice beginning! Let's see how far we can go...


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