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With the integration of nbconvert inside IPython, the last 1.0 release has the possibility to export the ipynb to other formats such as rst, markdown, latex, html and slides (info).

The slides option generates a Reveal.js-powered HTML slideshow, like this one:

These are my slides from the talk I gave at SciPy 2013 (Texas) featuring this exporter I previously developed in the old nbconvert project and now merged (and available) in the last release (1.0) of IPython.

You can also see the video of the talk:

As you can see, before I had to use an independent nbconvert library... now is easier ;-)

Just one line:

ipython nbconvert your_slides.ipynb --to slides

But, the resulting slideshow has to be served by an HTTP server. Because, we care of you ;-), just add --post serve at the command-line:

ipython nbconvert your_slides.ipynb --to slides --post serve

And your browser will open a tab containing your slides...

There is a lot of possibility from here... but I will write some of them later.

Enjoy it!


PS: Please report any bug or give me you feedback to make this tool better!

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Btw, don't forget this blog post is an ipynb file itself! So, you can download it from the "Source" link at the top of the post if you want to play with it ;-)

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