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I have implemented reveal.js slides for vIPer (I will publish a post about that the next days...).

Note from the future: example no longer available

Then, I showed the resulting slides to some IPython team members and one of them, Brian, says:

"it would be great if nbcovert could output reveal.js slides."

and then, Fernando (if you know what is IPython, you know these guys) replies:

"we can certainly add that kind of functionality as output options..."

So, keeping in mind the implementation in vIPer, I provided a dirty and basic new implementation to get reveal-based slides from nbconvert.

To test it just go to:

switch to branch slider_converter,

and type:

python -f slider example_slide.ipynb

You can see a video showing the basic functionality here (big sorry for the quality, I will post a better one soon):

There is a lot of stuff to do with that... I will do it when I get some free time.

Just my two cents!



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